August 10-14th 2015: 4th ANNUAL PRAGUE CITY TAP FESTIVAL

Watch the video showreel from the 1st. Annual Prague City Tap Festival 2012 and donĀ“t forget to register for this year !


Prague City Tap Festival 2015 is the fourth year of a new tap festival. The festival comes from a mutual thought of Pavel Strouhal, the director of the festival, and Jason Samuels Smith, an internationally renowned dancer and also the founder and president of LA Tap Fest.
The purpose of the festival is to higher the level of tap dancing in the Czech Republic, and to make tap dancers from all around the world to come to Prague and see its beauty. But the festival is not meant to be just about the actual dancing. We also seek  improving the common knowledge about history of tap through additional lectures and panel discussions with the teachers. Hopefully not just within the student but also the public. This year faculty is: Cartier Williams, Guillem Alonso, Avalon Rthgeb, Pavel Strouhal, Tiny Beat and Tokhi El Ritmo.